8 Mar, 2022

Shen-Tel finds passion in selfless acts of kindness

Kuching Food Aid which she spearheaded during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic has put…
4 Oct, 2021

Entrepreneur helps thousands of families in Sarawak through food aid project

It all started with a humble request from a stranger for hand sanitisers and face…
22 Jul, 2021

‘Share’ For a Good Cause: Shen-Tel Lee on How You Can Help the Kuching Food Aid

The goal? To get as many shares as possible for the LIVE event as for…
14 Jul, 2021

#BenderaPutih: How Can We Help?

Now more than ever, we need to reach out to help those around us #kitajagakita
16 Jun, 2021

Needy Malaysians, seven NGOs benefit from care packages donated in online programme

A total of seven charity organisations felt the generosity of Malaysians after receiving food parcel…
12 Apr, 2021

How Shen-Tel Lee is using social media to drive Kuching Food Aid

In 2020, we have seen how different organisations and individuals have risen to the occasion…
10 Mar, 2021

The Kuching Food Aid project

IT began with a message asking for help. Because of Covid-19, Kuching was on lockdown and…
8 Mar, 2021

Kuching Entrepreneur’s Food Drive

FOR the past few months, Kuching-based entrepreneur Shen-tel Lee has been leading a community-driven initiative…
15 Jan, 2021

Every bit counts: How Kuching Food Aid gets help for the poor and needy via Instagram

As rain continues to fall ceaselessly, flash floods in several neighbourhoods in Kuching and Bintulu…

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Kuching Food Aid help families facing food insecurity in Sarawak from impoverished communities who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our food aid recipients are single mothers caring for young children, the sick, elderly and differently abled. Other recipients include rural farmers, fishermen and labourers dependent on a daily wage to make a living. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant job losses and many families have spiralled downwards into worsening poverty. All volunteers give their time for free and pay for all travel expenses. 100% of your donations goes towards food aid only. There is zero administrative cost.